Hobart Airport Parking is located approximately 3 minutes away from the terminals of Hobart Airport, opposite Cambridge Airport.

How to find us

Call (03) 6248 5882

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Each time that you bring your vehicle into this car park, you do so subject to these Conditions of Use.
  2. When you park and leave your vehicle in this car park, you do so at your own risk and you remain responsible for your vehicle and any property in or on it.
  3. You may access or remove your vehicle from this car park twenty (20) hours per day. Before you leave the car park, you must pay the parking fees which are displayed at the Reception for this car park.
  4. You must ensure that your parked vehicle is securely locked and the ignition key removed and delivered to Reception.
  5. You must produce either your parking ticket or proof of having paid your parking fee when requested to do so. You must park your vehicle within the limits as defined by lines painted on the surface of the parking area, and comply with all signs erected in the car park. You must comply with any directions or instructions we give you. If you elect to pay for your parking on return, you must pay your full parking cost, in addition to any other money you owe us, before you can remove your vehicle from this car park.
  6. We have a general lien over, and the right to retain, your vehicle as security for any money which you owe us. If you fail to pay any money you owe us, we may sell your vehicle after 30 days to recover money you owe us. We may sell your vehicle in such manner as we think fit in our absolute discretion and we are not obliged to obtain the best sale price for it.
  7. You must not park your vehicle so as to obstruct or permit the obstruction of the free passage to, or the use of, this car park. We reserve the right to remove any obstructing vehicle. We will not be liable for any damage to your vehicle, persons or property by such removal. You will immediately pay to us any costs we incur in connection with such removal. Failure to leave your car keys with Reception will constitute obstruction.
  8. Except to the extent required by law, we will not be liable for: (a) the safe custody of any vehicle in this car park; or (b) the delivery of your vehicle to any person, whether that person has authority to take it or not; or (c) any theft loss or damage whatsoever to any vehicle or its accessories or contents; or (d) any damage to your property, injury to you or your death while you, your vehicle or your property person is in this car park or while you are entering or leaving this car park.
  9. You release and indemnify us from any claim against us or expense incurred by us arising from your use of the car park or from us removing your vehicle from it.
  10. You must not litter the car park, or allow your vehicle to spill or leak oil in it.
  11. These Conditions of Use will only exclude us from liability to the extent that they are able to do so under any law which restricts or forbids that exclusion of liability, including the Trade Practices Act and similar State legislation.
  12. If any part of these Conditions of Use is illegal or unenforceable, that part is to be disregarded, and its removal will not affect the rest of the conditions.
  13. All Car Park tariffs are quoted as GST inclusive prices.
  14. We will issue Tax Invoices in a format approved by the Australian Taxation Office. It is your responsibility to request or order this document at the time of tendering payment.
  15. Customers will be advised by phone or email of the bus departure time when they book their car. We accept no responsibility for any adverse consequences should a customer fail to arrive in time to catch their allocated bus. In particular we specifically disclaim and refuse any claims for airfares or any other expenses whatsoever, incurred when a customer arrives late and misses their allocated bus and hence their flight. We also reserve the right to charge a fee if a customer arrives late and requests that we arrange a special bus to transport them to the airport.
  16. On return to Hobart International Airport after travelling passengers are requested to make themselves known to the bus driver before they collect bags. The bus will depart once the last bag has left the conveyor carousel. Passengers who fail to board the bus sent to meet their flight for any reason will not be able to ask for another special bus to be arranged to pick them up and will be responsible for arranging their own transport from the airport to our business premises. We also reserve the right to charge a fee if a customer fails to board the bus which meets their flight and requests a special bus to transport them from the airport to our business premises.
  17. Passengers who change their flight for any reason but who fail to notify us will be charged a fee for the bus which meets the original flight unless they notify us of their new flight. This also applies to any passenger who misses their flight and then fails to notify us. Such passengers will be responsible for arranging their own transport from the airport to our business premises.
  18. When you park and leave your vehicle in this car park, you authorise us to valet park your vehicle, recharge your vehicle battery if necessary, repair or reinflate any flat tyres or carry out any other minor repairs required to allow your vehicle to be moved. You agree to pay for any costs incurred by such necessary minor repairs. You also indemnify us against any damages which may arise to your vehicle or other property from carrying out such minor repairs.
  19. Upon signing the invoice before departure you agree that the return details you have provided are correct and undertake to notify us of any alterations to your return flight. We will not be held responsible or accept any liability for any adverse consequences should you provide incorrect information on booking. We specifically disclaim any liability for any costs incurred (such as cab fares) should incorrect information be given leading to a failure to provide a bus to meet your flight.
  20. We will not allow any car covers or other similar material to be fitted to cars left at our premises as such covers can work loose and damage adjacent vehicles. Cars parked at our premises are to be parked without covers.
  21. In these Conditions of Use, references to: (a) "we", "us" and "our" means Auburn Investments Pty Ltd ABN 41 776 445 975 of 94 Kennedy Drive, Cambridge, TAS, 7173 its employees, agents and independent contractors; (b) you means the person using, or intending to use this car park; and (c) "your vehicle" includes a vehicle driven, or intended to be driven, by you into this car park.